Male, Born 2014

I am Dabi, a spritzer who had a measurable life in the city of Bandar Abbas in the south of Iran. A kind person decided to rescue me from that horrible condition, and take me to Mehrshahr city of Karaj. In Karaj I stayed with a family who did not have the condition to keep me. In fact the lady of the house threatened that if they don’t find another home for me, she would just open the door and let me out in the street! It was a scary night, but had a happy ending. Kind Ms. Azari came, took me , and my happy days began.

During the first days I was so scared, with any noise I would tremble! I did not like to be left alone. Gradually with the love I received in a peaceful environment, I gained confidence. Now I turned into a guard dog, and bark at any stranger! I reside in the newly fenced area of the shelter. I am so confident that I hold my head, and my tail up, and go around at the shelter and inspect every thing.

I am already sponsored kindly by Ms.Esmaili.

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