Adopted by Mansooreh & Baran, Toronto, Canada, Winter2017

“We might have to appreciate that animals can’t speak our language. Only if cats and dogs living in Iran could talk, what horrifying stories full of bitterness and suffering they could share. Stories filled with embarrassment for humankind,” a friend told me once.

Winky is a little dog with a lot to say. From how she lost one of her eyes to how she lost her tail, and who did all that to her.
“When I saw her on the street she was bleeding, poor dog was so confused and in pain that she couldn’t even run or hide. I took her to a hospital and she went under surgery. The doctor said that the situation with her eyes was the result of severe blows to the head. Winky lost one of her eyes that day. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep her in my home, so I called Vafa. I will never forget how she was shaking all the way to the hospital. I will never forget that. If Winky could talk, she could tell us how grateful but sad she was that day.”
Winky was too small and too fragile to stay at the shelter. She went home with one of the Vafa volunteers, Mr. Ali Shoaibi.
“I had to take her home. She was too weak and not stable at all. It was after a few days that I realized Winky was not wagging her beautiful tail. Taking her back to the hospital, the vet said that her tail has multiple fractures and nerve damage. So Winky lost her tail too,” Ali said.
If only Winky could talk, she would say how sad she was that day.
Winky was adopted by a very nice family a few weeks later. She was happy and they loved her a lot, but due to the severe allergy of one of the family members she had to be re-homed. The dad of the household said the day that he returned Winky was the worst day of his life. If only Winky could talk, she would say how she licked off her friend’s tears from his face that day.
But this is only the beginning of Winky’s life story. She was welcomed by a group of animal lovers and Vafa’s friends at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada a few days ago. If only Winky could talk and count, she would say how many times her friends in Toronto kissed her closed eye. If only she could talk, she would say how many toys she has now, how many times she has gone to the park, and how many people took a photo with her.
If only Winky could talk, she would beg you to not leave her friends alone, she would beg you to stand by voiceless animals and protect them.

Mansoureh and Baran are a very nice mother and daughter who has adopted Winky. They are a long supporter family for Vafa and we gladly excepted their request for adopting Winky. Dear Mansoureh has sent us a note about Winkey. Here it is:


Hi Vafa.

I would love to thank the person who rescued Winky and took her to the hospital after her injuries. I would love to thank dear friend Mr. Ali Shoaibi who fostered Winky in Tehran. I would love to thank the family who tried their best to adopt Winky, And finally I would love to thank every single member of Vafa’s team who helped her to learn whatever she knows now, and those who have cuddled her with love. Winky loves being cuddled.

Winky and Baran are like two sisters who have found each other after years of separation. They need each other and they complete each other. These days Winky follows Baran like her shadow. She loves people although she has hurt by so called human. She is lovely as a baby and she acts like one. She puts her head on our shoulder just like a baby. She is very smart and a very fast learner. She knows how to go to the washroom when we are around to take her out. She doesn’t wake Baran up during the night when she needs to go pee. She goes to washroom on a pee pad, and she comes back to her (Baran’s) bed. When she makes a mistake, she sits front of Baran quietly and wants to shake hand with her. Winky has one eye, but she gives you’re the expression that she wants with the only eye she has.

Winky loves rabbits and squirrels. She sits very quite behind the window and watches squirrels that come on our balcony. All our neighbors love Winky, They bought her toys and winter jacket. Winky does not like winter that much even when she is wearing her beautiful and stylish jacket. Winky knows how to convince Baran for going to the park and coming back fast when it is cold.

I am so happy for Winky who has a friend like Baran. She will never be alone. I am also very happy for Baran who has a non conditional love from her best friend Winky.

Thank you Vafa!


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