03 March 2014

With your help, Vafa Shelter and its residents can continue their survival.Three Year Report of Done Deeds at Vafa (Mid 89-Mid 92)


Generally chicken heads, bread and wheat. Occasionally, purchasing of pasta from the the factory, carrots and potatoes and vegetables at times of lack of donated goods.


Salary of staff:

Hiring in-house veterinarian and a staff member to perform the doctor’s orders daily. Purchasing of medications and medical equipments. Medical surgeries including spaying and neutering, orthopedic, optical and tumor treatments. (During 91 and half of 92 alone, aside from operations at veterinary hospitals, 298 counts of spay and neutering, and 25 other surgeries were performed at the shelter.) Medical treatment and care for the sick animals which includes periodical hospital stays.


Property Improvements:

Filling of two old sewer lines in order to instal tiles in the 1700 square meter dirt yard of the second area.

Repairs and replacement of the roof of the old structure. Conversion of the indoor storage room to a second medical care center. Building a pharmacy in the hallway. Conversion of the unused utility room to a break-room for the volunteers. Painting and repairing of different rooms of the shelter. Building a new storage room at the end of the second area. Rebuilding of the Puppy-house, removal of front wall of it and replacing it with a fence in order to open up the puppies’ view. Removal of the front wall of the old quarantine house located to the west of the second area in order to open up those old dens to the second area. Dividing the farthest part of the second area and installing a fence to provide isolation spaces. Building concrete dens in the eastern side of the second area. Building a 300 square meter quarantine room near the main building. Adding a 2400 square meter dirt play yard to the shelter’s grounds by installing fences. Fencing of two new outdoor areas for temporary quarantine. Leveling of about 1200 meter long dirt road to the shelter, and repairing the crumbling bridge in the path. Leveling of the surrounding fields. Annual repair and dredging of the canal of the water spring. Installment of a 7×4 meter septic tank. Digging four wells at 30 meter deep to provide sewer for the kitchen, quarantine building and it’s fenced area. Improvements to the plumbing in various areas, quarantine building and the kitchen. Building a new restroom. Construction of small and large pools to serve as drinking fountains and cooling down/swimming/play in various areas. Installing of shade providing tents and repairing them after storms. Moving of shed structure to the outer spaces by use of a crane and replacing it with a new kitchen and plumbing. Providing large concrete pipes to serve as resting area for the dogs. Planting of 40 trees in the contained areas and 120 in the surrounding fields. Repairing of old fences and replacing of various ones with new ones or walls.


Technical: Repair and maintenance of shelter’s truck and van. Purchasing of cooking stove, heaters and electrical generators. (moving the main generator for repairs requires renting a crane every time.)


Equipments: Purchasing of new kitchen equipment such as a mixer and industrial grinder to grind bones for puppies, a car wash pump for cleaning, motorized sprayer for insecticides and disinfectants, air pump, water pumps in order to extract water from the well and bring it to the interior of the areas, large containers to store water and gasoline, feeding equipment, two wheel barrels to carry food to feeding areas. Installment of a large metal shade providing structure in the outside area. Operation room equipment and surgical tools. Electrical improvements. Installment of a projector. Providing road signs, warning and informative signs along the road to the shelter. Purchasing of numerous wooden dens and pellets (when donations were lacking) and hay to protect dogs from the winter cold. Purchasing cleaning tools, labeled uniforms and smocks. Purchasing of drinking water for human consumption, and borrowed electricity for the staff in the evenings. Paying for booth rentals and printed material at various exhibitions and fairs and fundraisers.

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