Adopted by Gretta – London, Ontario, Canada –  Oct 16, 2011

Bennie (originally known as Bambi):

If it weren’t for our dear friend and supporter Soheila – who for years have been helping local canada rescue groups with transport of the dogs, fostership and more – we would not have had the pleasure of meeting Vicky who helped us place Bambi (now Bennie) in his forever loving home.

I just received this wonderful note from her which I would like to share with you all:

“Gretta has officially adopted Bennie (Bambi) so he now has his own forever family and how lucky he is. I have personally known Gretta for about 16 years and we have been involved in many rescues together.

She is a very caring woman and a true gem for the animals. We were lucky indeed that she was in a position to adopt Bennie.

I have attached a couple of photos I took when we were out walking along the river at the weekend. One is with Gretta and one of her other dogs, Tessa. I often go for long walks with my dogs and Gretta and her dogs. It is now Fall in Canada so Bennie is getting to experience walks amongst all the fall leaves – he loves to play in the leaves. Soon he will have snow to play in!!

I asked Gretta to write something about Bennie and this is what she wrote:

Bennie now lives with his siblings Tessa and Willie (dogs), Maggie and Millie (cats) and Gretta (human) – so he has lots of company which he loves as he does not like to be alone. He has a very busy life with three walks a day and now has many friends in the neighbourhood (human and dogs).

Everyone is amazed when they hear his story and how far he has travelled. Bennie enjoys car rides and outings to the park and especially trips to the beach (our equivalent of the beach which is at the Great Lakes, not the ocean!).

He especially loves to chase shore birds (who just laugh and fly off!), wading in the water and cavorting in the sand with Tessa and Willie. Bennie loves his house and backyard and is a very happy little dog.

All the best Farah.


Bambi’s original story was first posted on facebook:


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