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Greetings to our dear friends and supporters,

Vafa Animal Shelter is proud to introduce and seek your support of our new path, the "Sponsor a Vafa Dog" plan.

Since the beginning of its existence despite all obstacles and difficulties, Vafa Shelter has continuously brought the gift of a peaceful and safe life to these humans' best friends. This plan predicts a better protection for these angels. Your commitment of $20 or 45000 Tomans per month, to your choice of a dog will pay for sponsoring that dog which consists of his or her healthcare, vaccinations and food.

It is important to mention that in the past we had determined this cost at around 25000 Tomans per month. But a drop in financial helps and a spike in the cost of living has affected this number.

Though, we still value and appreciate any amount of help. As it's been said; "What ever comes from the Friend is a blessing".

You can also easily go to the website of the Center for Animal Lovers/Vafa Shelter at, click on "Sponsor Me" icon, choose your dog and send an email including your name, surname, phone number, where you live and name(s) of your desired to be sponsored dog(s) to the following volunteers:

Ms. Hengameh Samiifar:
Ms. Maliheh Gholinia:

Please feel free to contact them for more info and asking your questions.

We are hopeful that with your support and encouragement we can continue to provide a better and more effective operation for our special guests.


Vafa Team.

John Silver


john silver-s

John Silver
Male, Born 2012

My name is John Silver. I am confident and serious. A no nonsense kind of guy. I was hit by a car and badly injured, lying on the side of a high way in Tehran. Kind Ms. Ghodrati saw me and with the help of another kind gentleman brought me to the shelter. Since some time had passed from my injury one of my front legs had no feeling and had to be amputated. I am considered disabled, but this has not caused me to be scared or a recluse. Other dogs know me as the alpha dog and volunteers respect me too! A kind volunteer Raana pays a lot of attention to me and I thoroughly enjoy my time with her.

Kind "Ms.Mona.A" is my sponsor and I am very happy for that.