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Chance AKA Langoon

Adopted on Oct 18, 2010 by Sebastian Family


I met Chance at Boston's Logan Airport on October 18th, 2010.I was excited to meet him but was astonished when I observed him walking. He was unable to walk a straight line and he persistently circled to his left.  Chance was unable to recognize or perceive objects in his right field of vision and he turned to the left in order to compensate. As a result, he was unable to walk up stairs and was extremely difficult to take outside for walks.After two visits to the Veterinarian, I was referred to a Neurologist.  After a lengthy evaluation, the Neurologist postulated that the left side of Chance's brain had been traumatized, essentially leaving him with stroke-like symptoms. I was saddened by this discovery and immediately realized that Chance would require special attention.  My husband and I both work long hours and we were unable to adequately care for an animal with extraordinary needs.  My husband and I were troubled with this decision and reached out to our animal lover friends.  We spoke to an amazing trainer who rescues dogs and rehabilitates them.  She was willing to work with Chance in hopes of improving his cognitive and neurologic function, much like a stroke victim who goes on to rehabilitation after being stabilized.Chance has improved dramatically, but still has a long way to go.  He looks beautiful and happy and whomever gets to meet Chance falls in love with him! While taking him out for walks neighbors come out to say hello! Best of all he loves everyone who takes care of him and developing lots of trust even to strangers he meets. Chance brought us the gift of Unconditional Love, Endurance, Patience, Trust and Tenderness:).


Chance (originally Langoon)'s original story:
This little guy was named Langoon (limper) after he was found by a lady who brought him to the shelter.
He is still a puppy and unable to walk so we moved him to Tehran to be taken care of by Ms. Neda Mahmoudi.

After he was examined by Dr. Mohebi at his animal clinic in Tehran , he was diagnosed with calcium deficiency and osteoporosis due to malnutrition. He suffers from four fractures in his legs and hips, and is being treated with calcium and vitamin D. He is slowly gaining an appetite for food. He is gradually getting better, but still shows he's hurting especially in the evenings.