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Adopted Nov 24, 2010 by Zand Family


Dear Faranak,

I wanted to thank you and your organization for bringing Honey to us. 
We are extremely happy with her. She is very active, tough and all together a happy puppy. We are trying to potty train her. With accidents now and then, we are doing better every day. She is getting accustomed to the English language as well and understanding us all better every day. She has a great dog to look up to. Mr. Bond (our boxer) , is a gentle giant and is teaching  her how to survive in the country-side and basically playing with her all the time and allowing her to bite and chew on him. Our cats have gotten used to her as well and let her chase them and run around the farm in the snow. It 's fun to watch them. 
As I am sure you already know, my family and I, specially Yasmin and Kamron, absolutely adore her and have made her welcome in our home. 
Thank you again and we look forward to see more of these dogs on the east coast of USA so perhaps we can have a reunion here sometime. 


Nersi, Maryam, Yasmin & Kamron