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Felfel ( Now Beny )

Adopted by Gelareh Hojjati on Nov 12, 2010


"True Love"
One night I was really down and didn't feel like being around any one. At 4AM, I opened Vafa's Facbook page in search of a pick me up.It was meant to be. Felfel's picture and story touched my heart deeply. I read it over and over. I decided to look into his status that day and I prayed that he was still available.


The first response came from a nice lady, Faranak who directed me to Mrs Salour After a few phone tags we talked and though I was ready to take him to my home,  Mrs Salour insisted for me to be patient until I saw him and spend time with him. More phone calls with Mahtab Mojabi , and then ten minutes of begging to Mr Ali Saani, I convinced him to bring Felfel to my house.He was in worse shape than I had thought. He was also very frightened and at first made a lot of unhappy noises. But eventually he calmed down and the never ending love between the two of us began.Faranak, Mahtab and Taraneh, thank you for proving to me that unconditional love does exist.


--Felfel's original story: this small breed dog was found roaming the streets with a broken leg and scabs all over his body several weeks ago. The kind man who found him, was unable to bring him home, but was able to place him in a vacant home until his scabs were cleared,  his broken leg is still healing---but the fact that he spends hours all alone, is not fair to this poor little dog. Today, we heard from the vacant homeowner and they will need to take the house back, so they brought the dog to our quarantine house which is already we are in dire need of a temporary or preferably permanent home for this little guy. He's about 5 years old.