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Adopted August 18th 2010 by Neda Abdoh


A lovely lady contacted me from Paris - inquiring about the procedures to adopt from Vafa -- as she had her eyes on Selina (Now Rotsi) -  By the time we spoke about the process and we finally found a traveler who was going to Paris from Tehran and offered to help, it took a good couple of months.

 Neda and I became best friends, as we spoke over the phone time and time again....Rotsi finally took a flight to Paris on August 18th, thanks to Ms Ghazal and her kind family - Neda met her beautiful dog. I'm happy to share a note from Neda.  Thanks,Faranak


"She was quite traumatized when she arrived in Paris. She was scared of every sound but over time she came over that fear. When I took her in to be spayed she was so nervous that they had to give her double dose of morphine. Now, she jogs about 50 km a week with me in the near by park. She even goes to work with me on some days. Rotsi gets along beautifully with Toumai- the cat.  They have built a loving friendship with each other. When I travel, she stays with my friends and behaves very well. She is working on listening and obeying commands. She's still a puppy.  I am sure that all we need is more training! "