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Iko (Haiku)

Adopted by Parisa Salehi & Burk Finley - Oct 2014 - Washington DC


Haiku now known as Iko- came to us from Vafa as a foster. He managed his long air journey with courage. Lots of courage. When we picked him up from the airport he walked out of his crate smiling and he continues it still. It is as though he knows some folks have done right by him!

He is sweet and social. If he is afraid he only lets those he knows well in on it. He is kind and despite the scars of his past life makes long strides to adjust to life and loves large.

Surf (our first dog from Vafa) decided that we need to keep him. And we said yes! Surf and Iko are our nature channel entertainment for residents and visitors none stop! Iko is a daddy's boy in our household and hey why not!
It is hard to picture life without Iko even though he has been with us for less than a year still.
He lives in DC in a small home with more dog beds than dogs and people combined! Enjoys his weekend on the river with Burk or at the farm with Parisa and Surf. And goes to dog parks, bookstores and coffee shops during the week.
We are thankful to have gotten to know him and feel privileged to now be his adoptive parents. He is simply delightful. Surf was right.
Parisa, Burk and Surf!