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Cowcub (Abtin)

Adopted by Noam and Itai - August 2015 - Chicago, IL USA


 Cowcub (formerly known as Abtin) was love at first sight. He lost his leg only a few months before we met him but walked around with a huge smile and a lot of love for whoever he met. In a short span of time, he had not only become the neighborhood superstar that everybody knows and wants to pet, but he ​​​​also became the center of our home and family.

Always sitting in a spot where he can see all family members, so he can be the first thing we see when we wake up - to make sure he gets immediate petting.
He continues to surprise up with his love for new things (likes small dogs, squirrels, chasing pigeons and snow) and the fact that he completely behaves like he has six and not three legs - whenever he jumps, runs and skips. He's a perfect addition to our home and lives.
We are grateful for all the amazing people at Vafa and Chicago Canine Rescue that brought Cowcub into our lives. You guys rock!