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Teddy (then Cinnamon)

Adopted by Deborah W & Pietro R - Hillsborough, CA - Feb 7 , 2015


Teddy, aka, Cinnamon came into our lives in February, a few days after arriving in California. Since then he has made huge adjustments to his new home. He has accepted his little sister, a 10lb. Coton, like the gentleman he has turned out to be. He now rides in the car without a care, he walks on the leash like a pro, and most of all, gives kisses whenever asked.

We ask ourselves often how we got so lucky to have him with us! From having no boundaries, I once found him on top of my kitchen table, to a dog who seems to adjust to all we ask!
We have spent the last month, vacationing at the beach and he moved in without missing a beat! Days spent at the beach, walking along the beach, lunching, and just hanging out, Teddy is one happy dog! We are working with Teddy to get him more comfortable with other dogs while he is on leash. We will be taking him to obedience school for us all to become more comfortable in his new life with us. He has made such big strides, made many admirers, and made our life so much better! When Teddy came to us, we had lost our beloved dog of 13 yrs.And the hole in our heart was huge, we didn't know how huge until this homeless, big, hairy dog from across the world filled it! Thank you Daniela and John, his foster parents, and Vafa team who nursed this beautiful, sweet dog back from the brink of death!