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Adopted by Stacey & James Holley - May 2014 - Citrus Heights, CA


Hello, First I need to give a deep sincere thank you to all of you that helped me on my journey. I started out as a rambunctious puppy with an attitude that created a challenge to correct, but with the patients of my mom and dad my attitude changed dramatically.

I really enjoy long walks or jogs with my dad, it's always an adventure. We work on obedience training during these excursions along with the physical exercise. Here is a surprise. Car rides are awesome!!! I sit in the front seat with my dad sometimes and enjoy the breeze. Other times I just sit in the back and relax to the music.

I also enjoy wrestling and playing fetch with my brothers and sisters. If my brothers and I get to rough wrestling, my sister steps in to get us to tone it down. She is the fun police and helps to keep us in line.

I still have my moments of acting out. So when I do act out I get put on "time out". I'm young and still learning. I eat very well, it's a raw chicken, cooked rice and green bean diet that help my coat, teeth and overall health keep in peak condition. In conclusion, my dad and mom love me and I truly appreciate the opportunity to join their family due to you (those who helped rescue me). Thank you for your love and effort to find me my forever home.

Peace be with you,