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Adopted Feb 2012 - Ravon Family - San Jose, CA


Hi! My name is Patoo, and I am a very special dog! I am not only beautiful, but smart enough to make the best of the opportunities that life put on my path. I had it all planned out. After getting lucky to leave my birth land, and the safety of Vafa Shelter for an even better future in US, I picked the best home that a dog could ever ask for. One look at now my guardian, Farah Ravon, and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

 I worked very hard to gain this great life that I live now. I picked a foster home that had a handsome blonde Golden Retriver named Orso, I knew at first sight he was going to be my "boyfriend" and so I played the innocent, fragile , shy girl from Iran and it worked out just great. He fell in love with me and in matter of weeks Orso and his humans ( Daniela and John) were wrapped around my paw. I ended up living with them from November 2011 to February 2012. During that time, Farah and my foster mom Daniela organized a fundraiser for me to raise money to get me the much needed TPLO surgery. Many people got together and chipped in money for me. I was so happy and grateful, they raised enough to cover my surgery and to help other dogs as well.

After that it was time for me to choose a fur-ever home, Because of my unusual beauty I had many suitors. But none of them could handle my insecurities and inability to trust people. Every time I was adopted or was sent to a foster home, I barked at them so much and avoided being the cuddly dog they wanted to have that they returned me to Farah. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find me a home she finally gave up and succumbed to keeping me. In time, once I found permanency at her house, I allowed myself to trust her more and more every day.
Now after over two years, we are so bonded. I am happy. I eat like a queen. We go on walks and hikes and long rides in the car to visit other dogs all the time. And I even let her pet me.
Living happily ever after,


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