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Adopted by Dan & Margarida - July 15, 2014 - San Jose, CA


Hello, I'm Dan. My partner Margarida and I have had a rescue dog, Dragon, for three years. Recently we adopted s beautiful blind husky through VAFA. Dragon decided that he wanted to tell the story about our new dog, Haleh:


My name is Dragon. I am an AmStaff/Bulldog mix who was rescued by my family three years ago from the killing shelter in Fresno. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting comfortable in my surroundings, taking walks in the hills above San Jose, going to the beach, and generally taking over control of the household. l especially enjoyed cleaning the dishes after a meal. Then, in an instant it all changed!


About three months ago, my family brought a big, shy, skinny, weird-acting, snow white dog into the house. They said she was a husky but she looked more like a small polar bear. I threw my weight around for a couple of days but she wouldn't play and in fact, bit me. I was shocked but I figured she wouldn't be here for long so I tolerated her. After a few days, I realized that she was blind so I picked on her even stronger and she retaliated even more. But I succeeded in bringing her out of her shell.

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I came to find out that she was flown here from the killing streets of Iran, by VAFA, to see an eye specialist and my family was simply fostering her while she saw the specialist.


It turned out that the eye doctor wasn't able to do anything for her and my family decided to keep her. They named her Haleh (halo). I don't have much privacy any more since she can hear my every move and smell me wherever I try to hide but we have gotten to be best friends and she plays with me all the time now. Over time, I have been teaching her the rules of the house even though I have to share the dishes with her.


The only thing is I'm not allowed to beg for food but she is always lying underfoot in hopes of catching falling scraps. That used to be my privilege so now sometimes I get a little peeved and desperate not to lose out on goodies. Also, I had to teach her to respect my food bowl and only eat out of her own.


She has put on nearly ten pounds and looks absolutely beautiful. It is amazing to watch her negotiate the curves around furniture. My family purchased a new sofa and she bumped her head a couple of times before memorizing a map of the house. She is very happy and we even snuggle together although she takes up a lot of space. We go for many walks together and I am proud to be her seeing-eye pit bull and I'm proud to be seen in public with her.


I'm really happy to have my new companion and I thank VAFA and my other new buddy, Farah Ravon, for bringing her here. I hope that they are able to continue the good work and bring other deserving dogs to new homes.