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Part 1-

It was a cold day in late Fall. I was sitting in my office. Back then, I didn't know why on that day I decided to take on the task of patrolling the company grounds and workers residences myself. I got out of my chair and headed for Boomehen. On one of the side streets I saw a dog sitting by the side of the road, that at sight of my car using his arms he struggled to pull himself

away and made eye contact with me. After checking on the resident, I bought some hot dogs and put them in front of the dog but he did not eat and instead went under a parked car and hid. I had to go back to work and moved on but I wish I took the dog with me as I could not stop thinking about him for one second all day. The next day, I called up my driver and told him to go to the same area and find the paralyzed dog and bring him to me. An hour later he came back with the dog. I took him to the animal hospital. After a check up and X-Rays from his spine the doctor told me that the dog is completely paralyzed and gave me three options. First choice was to put him out of his misery by injection. Second choice was to keep him myself, which is very difficult. third option is a shelter named Vafa where they are able to care for him. I asked Ms. Simin to follow up with the shelter as I was on my way to Dubai. She did so but they didn't have an available kennel for ten days. When I got back to town I found him eating his food and was doing a lot better. After ten days a kennel opened up and we took the dog, now named Omid, to the shelter. Every day I hoped for a miracle and good news about him, until on first day of Spring I heard that he was headed for America. I cried for joy for nearly half hour and could not believe it. Though I'm not a religious person, I felt so blessed by God's Grace. I felt so lifted. I envy Banafsheh and her husband who are volunteering in this way all the time. I feel like I'm a drop of water next to an ocean. May the same God who put Omid in my path reward you for all the good that you do.


Sincerely, Mohsen


Part 2-

It was around noon one day when Ms. Simin called me and said she had found a paralyzed dog. She said she had taken the dog in for X-rays and was told that the damage was too severe and beyond repair, and that she had no way of keeping him. As she was telling me the story, in my mind I searched every corner of the shelter and could not think of a spot for him. And still with full knowledge of our lack of space for one more dog, as if I had no control of my own tongue I said: "Bring him."

Two days later, Omid came. He was in a cardboard box in the back of the van. He stuck his head out of the box and the spark of his eyes said: "Hello Life! I am back!" An hour after he was settled in I went to check on him, and that's when I learned how extensive his damage was. But he didn't seem to believe he was in bad shape at all. He was embodiment of Hope. Any time I went to visit him, he would hurry up to me dragging his paralyzed end behind him and a doggie smile on his face, plant himself at my feet and ask to be petted. Not only that Omid was full of Hope, he was also sweet and he never allowed his physical challenges bring his spirit down. He made his happiness. There is no distance between Hope and Happiness.

--Ali Sani


Part 3-

Everyone says "You're an Angel" , "God bless you and your husband for saving this poor dog. "

But many don't realize.....HE saved me!

Omid has brought a certain value to our life that I really can't explain. He has taught me a different level of love, that I didn't know existed. After all I have had dogs for 31 years now, what could I learn now about a dog & from a dog, that I hadn't learned before?

The TRUE meaning of "Appreciation", "Patience" and "UNCONDITIONAL Love".

When someone constantly picks you up, puts you down, puts you on your side, then moves your legs, doesn't let you move from one spot until you're cleaned & in diapers, does this to you, does that.....every single day, several times a day; it would get on your nerves! When a dog gets tired or annoyed, what does he do? He growls or snaps at you. But not Omid. He continuously licks my hand with gratitude. And on the days he senses I'm a bit tired, he puts his head in my lap. He squeezes himself towards my legs and drops his head down like he's saying, "I'm sorry you're tired today. I thank you for taking care of me. I wish I could do more to show you how much I appreciate what you're doing for me. I wish I had the capability to wag my tail to show you my appreciation and happiness." But what Omid may not realize that with every little suddle notion, with every gentle lick and every time he burries his face in my lap; he makes me realize what unconditional love truly is. He makes me realize how the most simplest thing like scratching behind his ear is impossible for him (since he can't use his back legs) & when I do that for him it's as if I've given him the world. Omid has taught me to pay close attention to the little things that we take for granted & more importantly, he has taught me to not take life so seriously. Sometimes I feel his pain. Sometimes I see him struggling, trying to maneuver around, after drinking water, slipping on the kitchen floor surface & as I stare at him I wonder 'is he tired of this?' Then he notices me looking at him quietly and he all of a sudden gets this burst of energy and bounces to me so fast, picking up the closest squeaky toy as he jets towards me with the happiest look and smile that always makes me laugh and wonder at the beauty of this dog's attitude. He's an inspiration to me. His pleasant attitude, despite all that he's gone through, is just mind-blowing. He's so amazing. He makes me realize that 'life is good', be happy, enjoy the squeaky toy, bounce around, who knows how long we have on this earth? Enjoy this very moment. When I look at Omid and all that he has gone through, I feel ashamed for some of my own weaknesses, l get embarrassed for the way I may have handled a situation.... I mean look at this dog, look at this paralyzed dog and learn from his will to survive and strength to be happy! How can you not be in awe of him??? That's when I realized how much God loves me. Only God knew how I would learn these very important life lessons; so he brought it directly to me in the form of OMID. Omid has shown me to always have faith. He loves me unconditionally and I owe him..... I am and will forever be indebted for the life lessons and his pure love he has given me. What an angel. All the way from Iran. Yes, he saved me. Omid'eh man!


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