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Adopted by Coldicott Family - Castro Valley, California - March 2012

We love Delnaz so very much!

She just visited a dog park for the first time and it went well. We put this off until now because she is shy around other dogs and I didn't want her to feel intimidated. She had a great time. We have socialized her around friends dogs and it is very fun and easy if there are just 1 or 2 other dogs. She has one best dog friend and they wrestle and play everytime (for the whole time) they are together. They both leave each other slobered and tired!

We walk her at Lake Chabot and she runs off leash and loves it! We only let her off leash when we are well on the trail (cars and dogs make me nervous). This is probably her favorite place to go.

She spends her day at work with us, all the employees love her and we have some people we work with that bring their dogs and thay can all play in our yard at work. On other days when we just have to work, she is very good and sleeps in my office, she likes to get as close to my chair as she can. I love having her here especially when I am alone. She will warn me whenever someone is coming.

The kids love her and she loves them. If I am home with her, without them, she looks for them constantly. She puts up with a lot from my daughter, she thinks Delnaz is her lovie. But Delnaz loves her so very much. She is the PERFECT dog with children. Yesterday was my daughter (Kinzie's) 5th bday. We had 15 kids over and they were all very comfortable with her and she with them. She greeted each one but didnt' overwhelm them. She stays in my sons room until my husband and I go to bed. This has helped him go to bed, as he is not alone anymore! We use to keep her in her crate at night, but now she's on our bed. She is so soft and lovable that we couldn't help but let her on the bed.

She is the perfect addition to our family and we couldn't be happier!

Thank you to the wonderful woman who sponsored her. Delnaz is very well loved and we feel very loved by her!