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Khanumche ( Now Kia )

Adopted by Sue & Greg Tully  on March 11, 2012 - Alameda, California


I like many bumper stickers.  I have to give credit when somebody expresses a message effectively in just one-to-six words.  Perhaps it is no coincidence that a few weeks ago I spotted, for the first time, the message “Who Rescued Who?”


Kia (originally, Khanumche) has been with us for about four months and we are so happy she is here.  Her long trip to the U.S. proved that she is a great traveller.  She is a joy to take anywhere, whether it is an all-day drive to Tempe, Arizona or a two-hour drive to Monterey.  Once at the destination, she seems equally happy with a desert hike or a short stroll to the beach.


The trips, of course, are not an everyday occurrence.  Most days are filled with routine, for both Kia and us.  The morning starts with a mile-plus run, in which she gets to experience something new every day.  We have read that breeds like Kia need plenty of exercise and we are determined to provide it.  The runs are a big part of my life also, as I have dropped about 15 pounds since I started them.  Who is exercising who?


It is the routine things that we enjoy most about Kia.  When she lies on the ground, she can observe everything without moving her head.  She loves to grab a shoe, sock or a branch from outside, not to chew and destroy, but to simply show everyone that she has it.  She enjoys playing fetch indoors.  She can sleep in on weekends.


We even like it that she is not a perfect dog, but that she continues to improve. She occasionally nips at the unwary. She wants to playfully jump on visitors. She will bark too much at times.


But she will also sit, stay, shake and fetch.  She will nudge or lick affectionately when that is exactly what is needed.


She loves people (except perhaps the mailman) and she is a big part of our lives.  We certainly hope she is with us for a long, long time.