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Adopted by Brittany & Ellie - April 11, 2012 - Seattle, WA, USA


Hello, friends! My name is Cora (formerly known as Jube/Aida). I am writing to you from my very first road trip with my forever family. We are going to Colorado to visit Ellie's family and my new puppy cousin. Even though I can be nervous sometimes, I am always willing to go on a new adventure.

I love living in Seattle with my family. I miss living with the other dogs at my foster home, and having a yard to play in, but I also kind of like being the center of attention. My foster dad taught me very nice house manners. I am working on my fear-based reactivity; leash walking is kind of new to me so I am practicing not being afraid of the people and dogs we meet in the neighborhood. My favorite way to unwind and have fun is going to the dog park. I am the friendliest and the fastest dog around. I am good at making myself look exciting so the big dogs will chase me. There is also a park with a beach for dogs! Someday I will swim, but for now I like wading out and getting my belly wet.

I am such a beautiful, unique-looking dog! People always ask what kind of mix I am. We are pretty sure I am Corgi and cattle dog and something else, because I have the cutest, floppiest ears ever and a similar feathery tail like many of my friends at Vafa.

One thing that makes me special is that I love vegetables! Raw red cabbage is one of my favorite treats. I fit right in here in Seattle.

My hobbies include running, chewing on my antler, playing with squeaky toys, being as silly as possible (sometimes I wrestle with my bed!), and let's not forget SNIFFING!

My people are my bestest best friends, but I have a million best friends! Even though I am nervous around people at first, once I get to know them for a couple of minutes, it is hard to resist jumping on them and licking them all over! I kind of have a human crush on my people's friend Andrew, but he is already spoken for. :-(

I graduated from an obedience class with flying colors. I am learning more every day. My favorite new trick is "paw"/"shake".

I traveled a long way to find my forever home, and I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way