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Kopol ( Polo )

Adopted by Amanda & Jason  Reynaert - Nov 14, 2011 - Ontario, Canada

Hello Friends, It's Kopol here.  

I'm so happy to be here in Canada with my new family! They changed my name to Polo. They were inspired from their recent trip to Venice Italy, and the fact that just like Marco Polo I travelled the world too!

I joined my mom and dad in November along with my big brother Bear. I've heard a lot about their angel Mackee and how by him passing on they were able to welcome me into their family. They tell me all the time that I keep them hopping ;) I love my new family so much that I'm always listening to see if there is any danger coming our way - they call me Radar because my one ear is always listening. I'm slowly learning to trust Mom & Dad that they aren't going to let anything happen to me.

My brother Bear is still getting use to the idea of having a younger sister who wants to play all the time. I think I play a little to rough for the boy. I'm learning how to play fair and we both really love to run! Mom and Dad introduced me to Bear's favourite spot this past weekend. It's now my favourite spot too! It's a big, beautiful piece of farm land that has a great big swimming hole in the middle! I jumped in and brrrrrrrrrr.... it was COLD! But I can't wait for it to warm up so that I can swim in it like my big brother does!

I want to thank everyone that helped get me here to my new family. I'm so excited about the summer and moving into a new house with mom & dad. They tell me it has a bigger back yard and it's really close to the big swimming hole! We'll get some photos of me swimming soon! xoxo Polo (aka Kopol)

 My mom attached a few photos of me.