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Adopted on Jan 11, 2012 - Keihani Family - Tehran, Iran


Six year old Foxy is another one of Vafa's little guests who got lucky lately with efforts of Ms. Gandom Tadrissi.

Ms. Bahareh Pour-Ahmadi tells us how this union came about:

We had been thinking about getting a small dog for a while but didn't know what breed would suit our lifestyle.

One day a friend asked us to take care of a dog that she had found until the owners were located. In the process of searching for the owners we ended up on Facebook and other websites where we learned about different rescue groups which made us change our mind from buying a dog to rescuing one. That is how we reached out to Ms. Tadrissi who after talking about our priorities suggested Foxy to us. We liked him right away since he was quiet and calm, and we brought him home with us the next day. He made his way into every one's heart very quickly and soon we noticed many other qualities about him. He is very smart and not a nonesense barker, not a chewer, and very much house broken. He never gets tired of going on walks. He is great with other people and animals even cats unless the other party picks on him. Although, he gets a little jealous if we pay too much attention to another dog. He is a sound sleeper. When we take him to a friend's house, after a quick study of the place he will politely settle near us.


The more we think about it the more we realize Foxy is the best dog we could ask for and we are so grateful for having him in our lives. He has brought a lot of happiness to our home. He has become a source of love in our home and we do our best to make forget any hardship that he had to live through before he found us.

We love him very very much.