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Nazgol’s (now Myrtille)

Adopted by Schott Family - August 3, 2011 - Besance, France


This is the story of Nazgol who has touched us all and will always have a special place in our hearts

Her story began on a horrific night-at about 2 am-when the sound of gunshots broke her solemn slumber... She was shot in the shoulder, and subsequent shots took the lives of two of her innocent puppies right in front of her terrified eyes

Recalling the events of that horrible night still pain our hearts to this day

Nazgol had no choice but to instinctively flee, only to return 48 hours later, weakened, injured and in severe pain, to nurse her five remaining pups

Mr. Namini, who for some time had been feeding Nazgol and her pups, contacted us, and Vafa's rescue team was immediately dispatched to save Nazgol's life

That very same day, Nazgol underwent a surgical procedure under the capable hands of Dr. Abedi, and was moved to Vafa's quarantine house in Tehran at the time

Although Nazgol was under intensive care, due to the physical and mental trauma that she had suffered and endured, she first started bleeding internally and then went into a coma

Nazgol remained in coma for the next eleven days; and her recovery really began once she finally came out of her coma

A little while later, she traveled to Shiraz, and became roommates with Honey, D.J., Shazdeh, Pasha, Oscar, and Borna for the next eight months.

She was then brought back to Tehran and was cared for by Mr. Shafayi for a few nights before our dearest Janet graciously accompanied her to Germany to unite her with the most beautiful soul on earth, our dear Homa.

Upon her arrival, it was determined that it was necessary for her to undergo yet another surgery. Thanks to Homa's financial support and her love and care, Nazgol was finally saved!!!


And now...

In full health, Nazgol, lives a royal life with Homa in France. Frequent travels, daily walks, and being the boss of the house are now the only things that occupy Nazgol's happy and healthy mind

We thank all of you who helped us and lent a loving hand through Nazgol's journey

Neda Mahmoodi


and here is a few words from Nazgol forever loving mom:

I vividly remember the first time I saw her pictures on Vafa's Facebook page and how injured and bloody she was! In that very first minute, I decided to help save this injured mom and to give her and her unborn pups a chance at a good life.

As time passed, and through pictures and tidbits of news about her, my fondness and attachment to her grew stronger.

Since I already had a big dog named Benj (which I rescued), two cats, and a guinea pig, I didn't intend to keep her, and I focused entirely on bringing her here and finding her a good home and a loving and caring permanent family.

Finally, Nazgol arrived... What an extraordinary and exciting day...!


As you may already know, I ended up adopting her, and she is now my girl. We named her Myrtille.

She loves her long daily walks and excursions regardless of whether I am up to it or ill with fever... Myrtille simply accepts no excuses!

We all love her dearly and a very strong bond exists between us already. Even the cats love and adore her.

We are very pleased that she is in a better environment now and is getting all the TLC she requires and that's thanks to all the beautiful people's efforts to get her to us here in France

Homa Schott