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Emili (Lily)

Adopted by Palister Family - Oct 20, 2011- Vancouver, BC, Canada


On October 20, 2011, I made the first step in my journey to my forever home, flying from Iran to Vancouver with my brother Billy.I spent the first few weeks in a very foreign land with a temporary family.



Then my adoptive mom came to get me and I was so excited. My new family and anyone who has the fortune to meet me say that I am an absolute beauty and sweetheart!

At home I love to sleep on the bed and get belly rubs and hugs. I can usually be found seeking out my furry friend, Niko the cat.The other, Percy, is also warming up to my charm. Dylan, my favourite little person is a loving and curious playmate and I am so gentle and patient with him.


I have a big backyard to play in, and hide the many bones I own. My favourite outdoor place is the huge dog park. I am a social butterfly and love to meet and play with all dogs, with a particular soft spot for the small ones. My true talent is running - I am faster than a racehorse!


My other favourite place - the trails. I often go with my doggy pal, Bailey, and love to roll around in and hop though the tall river grass.My only vice is the salmon that can often be found by the river bank and my mom has given me a few baths after - she can't understand why I love the smell of rotten fish so much!


I am about to attend my first obedience classes with my family, although my mom thinks I will be easy to continue training as I am always trying to please. I have made great gains since my first day here - especially with potty training. And at first I didn't like to be alone in my indoor crate when my mom went to work, but now I am fine. I also know my 'come', 'sit' and 'shake paw' already!


Thank you Vafa for all your hard work in bringing Emili (now Lily) into our lives. She is a real shining light and everything about her character is loving and sweet. We could not have asked for a better Forever Companion  

--Celia and family