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Adopted by an Iranian family in Washington, DC area - Feb 27, 2011


If a by-passer looks through the windows of our house around ten a.m. she or he will witness my three year old son walking on his toes, holding a peanut butter sandwich over his head as a large black and white dog cruises next to him. Later in the afternoon the same dog will be chasing gently after my daughter and my son as they play tag.

That dog is Ms. Patti. We adopted her when she was a few months old through Vafa with the help of our beloved Farank. I have never seen a funnier dog. She is hesitant to get close to anything new, even a new set of floral pillow covers become a game of hide and seek to her. Still, she is a smart dog. Rice is perhaps the only cuisine that makes her seek it like a beloved at arm's length. After all the scent of her land is deeply entwined with her as it is with her adopters.


Here's Patti's original Story which we posted on our facebook page in January 2011:

Patti was a tiny female puppy covered in mange that would not stay quiet for even a minute. She continued to bark and yelp first few days of her arrival.

Little by little, she has let go of her past. After fully recovering from mange she has turned in to a beauty that wins every one's heart.

We sent her off to the shelter a couple of months ago but she tried getting too friendly with the wrong dog, big boy Sohrab, and ended up hurt in one eye which sent her right back to quarantine.

Patti greets all the visitors at the quarantine and even gives kisses to those whom she knows.

She makes friends easily and plays well with other dogs. At times that one of the dogs in being scolded for something, she goes and sits with them to make them feel better.