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Roxana ( Lily)

Adopted by Katie & Matt Allen-Goebel  on May 22, 2011 - San Pablo, California, USA


Lily has been with us now for about 3 months.  When she first arrived, Lily attempted to push around her older brother, Scooter, stealing his treats, not allowing him to lay on his bed.


So, my husband, Matt, and I spent hours petting and treating both dogs at the same time so that Lily began to associate Scooter with good things and not competition for our affection.


Now, she and Scooter play in the yard and we have found them curled up on the same bed together more than once.    Every morning when they go out in the yard, they bark at the same squirrel, even when he’s not in the tree or anywhere to be found.  


They spend hours together in the evenings, chasing each other, barking at dogs that are being walked by our fence line and generally making each other very happy.


Lily has recently graduated from Basic Obedience and we are pleased to have a happy and better behaved dog in the house.   The obedience training seemed to solidify to Lily that we are her people.  She is one of the happiest dogs I have ever seen, always smiling with her tail wagging.


---Roxana's story was originally posted on our pages on Feb 25, 2011: