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Adopted by  Lei and Jacob Kraup -  June 18, 2011

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We have been following VAFA on Facebook for quite a while, as well as many other dog rescue groups.  After a recent move we finally felt ready to welcome a new member into our family. 

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When we contacted VAFA to ask about adoption, Farah immediately emailed us back including a puppy’s picture!!  That was Momo, though at the time she was called Nina.  She was so adorable, we just couldn’t help falling love with her.  She became our little girl from the moment we saw her!

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Momo has big paws for her age, and we are sure that we have a big girl on our hands.  Looking at her growing every day is both wonderful and amazing.

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We are very grateful to the lovely volunteers and kind family who helped to bring the young Momo from Iran to Vancouver.  After much anticipation, she finally arrived on June 18th, 2011.

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Momo settled down very quickly.  She was a bit shy at first but her curiosity brought her true personality out in no time.  She melts the heart of every single person she meets.   Everyone asks us what kind of dog she is.  We always tell people that we wonder about that too.

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The first time when she met Munster (her furry friend in Vancouver), she was timid and tucked her tail down between her legs.  Luckily, Munster is a very friendly dog, and soon they played like the best of friends (Momo slept very well that night).  Now she has no more fear meeting other dogs; in fact, going to doggie park is one of her favourite things ever. Momo is such a bundle of joy.  She can be cute, cuddly, silly, stubborn, and aloof, but she is always a sweetheart.

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Probably the biggest drama in Momo’s new life in Canada came as a result of her decision to eat a rock a few days after she arrived. It was pointed out during her first visit to the vet. There was talk of x-rays and maybe even surgery; we were all very worried. Luckily, as soon as we left the vet, Momo got rid of the rock the natural way. It was a relief for all of us, and Momo felt a whole lot better too.

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There has not been a single moment that we regretted letting Momo into our lives. We’re pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

Lei & Jacob

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