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Adopted by: Katie Wilson - March 23, 2011

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I had thought about getting a second dog ever since moving from the city to rural Sonoma County.


When an Iranian friend sent me a picture of Sheema (now named Teagan), my heart melted. She looked just like my sweet pup, Townes! I could not resist contacting Vafa.

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Teagan -- which means "little poet" -- joined the farm 3.5 months ago and has been an instant part of the family. With her pretty puppy eyeliner and joyful tenacity for play, this Baby Girl wasted no time in befriending her older brother. Now they do everything together, from vigorous napping, to tug-o-war, to running wild through the Northern California hills.

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Teagan settles in and makes marked advancements every week. Her weight is up, she takes treats gingerly (no longer like a snapping turtle), comes when called (almost every time!), and her distrust of men is abating, especially since her new papa has shown her how kind and playful some men can be. She is leaving the street-life mentality toward food behind her, and learning that things are pretty relaxed here in the country. Though, of course, there's always some bird or squirrel to chase …

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Thank you so much to Faranak and all the others who worked so hard to make Teagan's journey possible. Teagan was one of 3 girls, and the only one to survive. I feel blessed to have her in my life, and very grateful that Townes has a sweet sister to play with. Together, they make my day, every day. 

--Katie Wilson


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