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Mina Adopted April 19 2011 by Karen MontgomeryMina , happy Ending

You may have read the piece written a few months ago asking friends to help me rescue Mina.
This is the rest of the story. Mina , Happy Ending
Mina and her buddy Hapoo flew from Tehran to LAX arriving on April 19 and were picked up by Farah and Maryam and some helpful friends. Mina was very hungry and not only ate her food but then found the bag of remaining food and ate that too. She's very clever at finding food.

So then a bath and a long ride north. Finally at one in the morning, after two long months of waiting I met my Mina for the first time. She took in her surroundings without batting an eye and has been in fast forward motion ever since.Mina , Happy Ending

Mina now lives in Petaluma in a little house with a big backyard and has three dog siblings and two cat sisters. The backyard is a great dog playground and Mina immediately made herself at home. Now her favorite place to hang out is on the deck chair right outside my studio door, overlooking the backyard.Mina , Happy Ending

It took Mina a little while to decide whether she wanted to belong to me, being a very clever girl who thinks she can do anything. But we've made great progress in training and Mina has really settled in. She still has her wild and crazy moments but that's what puppies do.Mina , Happy Ending

We go to the dog park at least twice a day and Mina has lots of dog and people friends. Mina goes to work with me and her dog brother Bailey and has more dog and people friends there. Everyone wants to know about Mina wherever she goes, being such a pretty girl, so I get to tell her story almost everyday.Mina , Happy Ending

I am very grateful to all who helped Mina, from the cold dangerous street life all the way around the world to sunny safe California.