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Adopted by Amiri Family in Los Angeles, CA on Feb 5, 2011


I always wanted a dog. Loved B.C. since they are known for being so smart. I was desperate for a dog, preferably a black one. I was told by my dad about this rescue operation for Dogs in Iran and one Border collie being on his way to the States from Iran. It sounded exciting. My dad told me that we'll get him on Feb 5th. Could not wait for that day to come. When we picked him up, my dad told us that we have two weeks to prove to him that we can take care of him. My sister and I agreed. They had named him Sasha. For some reason his name did not go with him. So we called him Proby ("New Guy") and Proby set out to whip us into shape right away, even though she was only 9 months. It did not take him long to settle in. Proby is such a nice and caring dog. He makes us laugh on daily basis. He loves to play with other dogs and it is fun to watch him play. He snores at night. At first it was a little annoying but now we just laugh about it. The funniest thing is that every time my dad plays Persian music he immediately starts singing. He is part of our family now and we love him. I think he is the sweetest dog ever....

Iden and Ila