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Red Fish

2017-red fish-r

*One of the things people do in many countries that celebrate Nowruz, including Iran is to buy goldfish and use them as decoration on their special table (the Haftseen)! This post is about how wrong this act is and how it simply means killing these little cute animals.

Spring is the story of the earth waking up from a long sleep during a long cold winter. Spring is the story of the trees starting to grow again and the river starting to flow again after a frozen season. Why do we have to see the death of beautiful goldfish in spring? This is so sad. 

Nowruz is the story of peace and kindness, generosity and forgiveness, helping each other and the unfortunate. Why do we have to add the death of beautiful goldfish to this image?

Every year when we are celebrating the beautiful spring and Persian New Year, goldfish come to this world to die, because of us. The solution is simple! Do not buy! Do not turn the happy spring and Nowruz into a sad event by seeing goldfish dying.

The solution is easy, do not buy goldfish.


Poster by Saba Saadatniaki