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Zanjabil (Ginger)


Spayed Female -4 years old - German Sheppard Mix

She was brought to the shelter three years ago. About a year ago she was adopted by a family in the Northern region of Iran, but unfortunately her new family had to sell their house and was no longer able to keep her. Homeless again she was sent back to the shelter.



Ginger Loves to be with people. She is affectionate and playful. Everybody knows her at the shelter. Once she followed one of the shelter visitors, whom had given Ginger lots of love and attention, all the way to a nearby town, and was lost. For three months she had to fend for herself in search of food and a secure place. One of our volunteers found her and brought her back to the shelter. She puts her head on your lap to let you know she would love some petting and attention. She is ready and searching for a kind heart to come and give her a loving home.