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Adopted in Iran

Adopting Vafa Dogs in Iran

We wish that all four legged guests in Vafa Animal Shelter find a nice family and live in a place full of welfare and kindness. So we are committed to find and select the best home and family and this has made the adoption process more important and accurate for us. Recently Vafa Animal Shelter has developed a new edition of adopting rules which have to be performed as an essential in adopting process.

By following the new adoption rules and before anything else, we try to find out that why the applicants are going to adopt dogs and explain the preconditions and how to prepare the home for arriving dogs and their first meeting.

Adopting two dogs by each applicant is one of the most important policies of Vafa Animal Shelter in adopting process, if there is no other dog in their home. This will, not only let the dogs play together and have fun when they are alone, but also makes them brave and able to socialize.

Having a suitable kennel and ground cover is necessary for each dog and at least a ten square meter area should be provided by wood or metal fencing around the kennel to avoid of caging or chaining the dogs. They should be able to walk freely in their own area and benefit of both the sunshine and have shade.

Volunteer experts inspect the place before adopting, in order to find environmental problems (anything harmful for dogs such as electrical cables, toxic or hazardous or flammable substances, sharp objects, etc.). And finally unexpected and random inspections after adopting assures us that accepted conditions of keeping our dogs will not change and they live there healthy and happy.

The story of Jaitley & Jolie is an example out of many happy ending adoptions by following the new adoption rules which are recorded in Vafa َAnimal Shelter's workbook.

Hoping for the day when all unaccompanied dogs find their kind families.

Vafa Adoption Group in Iran.



I'm Jessie, pretty girl with golden fur.
I was very little and helpless when I came to the shelter. I lived there for a year with my good friends warm summer day; a kind man came to Vafa. He picked Black and I to take to his beautiful home and garden. Black and I had no idea what amazing and magical fate awaits us.

I never forget the moment we entered the garden. There was a pleasant breeze flowing under the green trees that day so much so that it brought me to ecstasy and I started running uncontrollably, I may even have been flying that day.
I was running and screaming, "This much fortune and me, no, never". Black , who is younger than me by a couple of months, accompanied me through this amazing fortune and ran with me so much until we were both out of breath. That day, we both decided to be good brother and sister for one another.
Mr. Nasserian and his lovely kind mother were now our family too.
It has been two years since my brother and I spend beautiful days with this lovely family.
The days when they water the garden and the canals are filled with cold, running water, we become very playful and funny. So funny that we make everyone laugh by our swimming and funny little games.
My brother and I are very thankful that our kind family has offered such joy and happiness, along with security. For this kindness, we guard their home quite well.
We wish that our other brother and sisters, in the shelter, can someday taste the wonderful feeling of having a home and a family.

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