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Adopted in Iran

Adopting Vafa Dogs in Iran

We wish that all four legged guests in Vafa Animal Shelter find a nice family and live in a place full of welfare and kindness. So we are committed to find and select the best home and family and this has made the adoption process more important and accurate for us. Recently Vafa Animal Shelter has developed a new edition of adopting rules which have to be performed as an essential in adopting process.

By following the new adoption rules and before anything else, we try to find out that why the applicants are going to adopt dogs and explain the preconditions and how to prepare the home for arriving dogs and their first meeting.

Adopting two dogs by each applicant is one of the most important policies of Vafa Animal Shelter in adopting process, if there is no other dog in their home. This will, not only let the dogs play together and have fun when they are alone, but also makes them brave and able to socialize.

Having a suitable kennel and ground cover is necessary for each dog and at least a ten square meter area should be provided by wood or metal fencing around the kennel to avoid of caging or chaining the dogs. They should be able to walk freely in their own area and benefit of both the sunshine and have shade.

Volunteer experts inspect the place before adopting, in order to find environmental problems (anything harmful for dogs such as electrical cables, toxic or hazardous or flammable substances, sharp objects, etc.). And finally unexpected and random inspections after adopting assures us that accepted conditions of keeping our dogs will not change and they live there healthy and happy.

The story of Jaitley & Jolie is an example out of many happy ending adoptions by following the new adoption rules which are recorded in Vafa َAnimal Shelter's workbook.

Hoping for the day when all unaccompanied dogs find their kind families.

Vafa Adoption Group in Iran.

Adopted in Iran
Nana & Husky

photo 2015-09-30 13-19-56

I am Nana, a smart and pretty girl. At first glance you may think I am just a dog, but part bird. Yes, specially when I see a cat on top of a wall. When I lived at the shelter I exercised and perfected my vertical moves reacting to the dogs that roamed around the rooftop.

Tin Tin & Sasha

photo 2015-11-24 22-27-23

Hello, my name is Tintin, a handsome, gentle boy. Although I am very young but my short life had so many ups and downs,I have a lot of story to tell you about those sad days.
when I was very little, I lost my mother and my siblings and I had scab too. That winter, cold weather outside, fear of homelessness and loneliness inside me, starvation and that severe disease was beyond imagination. but even worst was the cruelty of some people, it made everything even worst and worst.

Joey & Gandom


I am Joey, a good looking and playful fellow. I was quite a handful in the few months that I was at the shelter and I don't think any one misses me over there. I was Mohammad's favorite and he had spoiled me at lot.

César (Gaspayk)


My name is César, formerly known as Gaspayk
I was a very sick little puppy when Arash family rescued me and cared me back to health and then I came to the shelter. I lived there for a few months until Mr. Mohseni came and chose me to go home with him to a beautiful garden where one other dog lived.

Max (Namadi)


There is hardly anyone who has heard about "Namadi" 's arrival in Vafa Shelter and does not remember him. Right now Namadi has taken the new title of "Max"and resides in his new home. Here is a few words from his adopting sponsor:



The day with Aida and her dad Mr Latifi came to visit Vafa Shelter, Lexi worked all angles to get Aida's attention and to make sure she chooses her to take home! It worked!

Benjamin &Toofan


I am Benjamin, a kind and dignified wise guy. My brother, Toofan, is just the opposite of me, ---he likes to play restlessly, chase cats, poke his nose in every hole, and study every little speck analytically. I am not amused by him a bit. Our story goes like this:

Engi ( Engineer)


My family calls me Engi, short for Engineer, because I'm so smart.
I had lived at the shelter for a long time until a day late in the fall when Mr. Bayat and his family chose me to take home with them. They named me Engi because of my mannerism when we met and the way I behave with my new friend that lived with them before I got there.

Gorgi & Kara


Hi! I am Gorgi (means wolfie) , a handsome guy with pointy ears that hear everything and help me guard against outlaws.
My sister, Kara and I lived at the Vafa shelter for a long time and were good to each other. One day Mr. Najafi came to the shelter and hired us to guard his garment manufacturing site.

khepel & Zebel& Brown

photo 2015-09-29 20-31-59

Brace yourself for my amazing story! My name is Brown. I was brought to the shelter as a very sick puppy with severe digestive disease that left me with a heart condition that will stay with me for life. I remember that first day at the shelter as I was thinking how I could survive amongst so many dogs, Ms. Zarrin asked one of the volunteers if he would take me home with him since I needed special care, and he agreed.


photo 2015-09-28 18-30-37

My name is Darya (Sea). I awaited Anahita every Friday at the shelter to come and take me out for walk and play. I have always loved to have a person that I can look after. I will never forget the day that Mr. Seyfi came to the shelter to take me to their house of kindness. I was so lucky!



I'm Jessie, pretty girl with golden fur.
I was very little and helpless when I came to the shelter. I lived there for a year with my good friends warm summer day; a kind man came to Vafa. He picked Black and I to take to his beautiful home and garden. Black and I had no idea what amazing and magical fate awaits us.

Tala& Parnian& Shabrokh


They did not know, they are going to their beautiful forever home, so Tala was not in the mood for a car ride, Parnian was very happy just like always and Shabrokh was confused.
They all got into the car, and with old time friend Armin, we started the trip toward a beautiful garden and a more beautiful guardian who was waiting for us.

Chaman & Lucky (Nikoo)


It was last winter when Mr. Sajad Farahmand came to Vafa to take two dogs with him. Nikoo, who is now named "Lucky", and "Chaman" were the two boys Mr. Farahmand chose to go home with them.

Termeh & Sarri

Saari & Termeh Adopted by Alimardani's family


"Saari", a 2 month old boy, who wandered the street hopelessly and hungry, was lucky enough to be found by Vafa's friends.



Rojan's departure from the shelter to her forever home was laced with kisses from her caretakers. Kisses, warm embraces and the safe haven that Niavarani family has gifted Rojan has made her one of the luckiest Vafa dogs.


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It was Summer of 2013 that Moozhan and her little sister, Roozhan, at no more than two months of age, hungry and lost, made their way to caring hands of Vafa Shelter. It was about the same days that Ms. Kazemi and her family, the Rasoolis, came to the shelter for a visit and to choose a lucky dog to take home with them


Happy Tail - SHERWIN: The cute rambunctious boy at Vafa

img 1302

Sherwin is one of the luckiest dogs at Vafa Shelter who was placed in the best situation possible. The caring kind Eyvaz-Zadeh family brought Sherwin in to their home and hearts with open arms. Sherwin found himself a loving family and a sister who plays with him during the day and guards with him, shoulder to shoulder at night

Kama & Kayzee


It has been a year since the day Kama was adopted by Mr. Noori to be the guard for his place of business - heavy machinery parking garage. It was love-at-first-sight between Kama & Mr. Noori during his visit at Vafa. Mr. Noori cuddled him and after the screening process, Kama was sent 'home' with him

Flirty & Fox (Afsaneh & Parvaz)

photo4826-a photo4840-c

The day Mr. and Mrs. Mafi came to the Shelter we were surprised by their enthusiasm and their confusion about choosing their dogs. Mr. Mafi closed his eyes and asked us to choose two dogs for him. If we left it to them, they probably would take all the dogs home with them. At the end luck was with Afsaneh and Parvas. Afsaneh was the puppy who was brought to the Shelter with a broken paw and Parvaz had eye problems. Mr. Mafi wanted to take them home and pay them special attention.

Scotty & Jina (Toxando)


Scotty, the little puppy, was hungry and homeless when he was found by a friend of Vafa at Chitgar Park (near Tehran). He was brought to the Shelter. Last year, after a few months stay at the Shelter together with Toxando (a puppy born at the Shelter) they were adopted by a kind family. The two had a good life. However, after a year due to family problems they were brought back to the Shelter however...