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Rostam left his earthly body with us a few days ago. I will always remember last Wednesday when I saw him for the last time.

He was an old man in every way and with his huge figure he was always looked up to by all the other dogs. He had a hard time walking for a while and it seemed his legs could not bear his mass. In last few weeks he had become incontinent. He mostly lived in the dirt area and would approach the door to be let in the front gated area. On days that he didn't come close on his own, he would get up and walk slowly to Mr. Karam calling him. Last Summer, when I was washing something outside he would come and hang out close to me and make it clear to me that he appreciated a splash.

We always prepared his food just the way he liked it. On days that he did not show much appetite we would hand feed him. Then he would take in his mouth, the food as well as the hand holding it. Thank God he didn't have teeth! He was quite protective of his food, and would object to any dogs getting close to it, but he was always generous if any puppies wanted some of grandpa's food. He used to rarely leave the area of the shelter for a quiet sprawl and come back.

Last Winter, Gholam and Akbar had set up a cozy bed for him in the kitchen. This Winter also, we got him cozy near the heater. Mrs. Esna-Ashari said that he had been let loose to die on his own in Winter of 86 and even then he was very old. And if he had not found shelter with us he may have died a lot sooner.

Rostam died in peace and of old age.

His memory will always be with us...

Farah Azari & Vafa Team