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World Animal Day-2016


The first day of October is very important for those who care about nature. If you were to look at different countries' calendars you would find that this week is dedicated to animals. The first day of October is World Vegetarian Day. Vegetarians are people who have changed their life style to respect animals.
The second day of October is World Day for Farmed Animals. These animals come into the world only to be slaughtered.
The fourth day of October is International Animal day. On this day animal activities try hard to bring awareness to this matter. If you are on this page and reading these words it means that you already care about animals. You can help out your best friends not only on this day, but every day. Some things that you can do are give food to strays ( cats, dogs, or birds), donate money or shelter needs or be a volunteer. It can be as simple as taking you neighbor's dog for walk. Any of these little things results in creating
a safer society for these animals. Lastly, these days can be a very good learning opportunity for the younger generation. Reading books about animals, taking children to the shelters or dog parks. Encouraging them to help with making food for strays are all simple steps to help them to be a better human beings and making animal lives easier.
Happy International Animals day everybody!