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World Earth Day 2016

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Poster Designed by: Mehrnoosh Kianpour

April 22nd is the day we have become accustomed to observe as Earth Day, a day to celebrate the only planet that to this day we know that can sustain our existence. The only planet that provides the air we can breath, the water that we can drink, and plenty of food to nourish us. The only planet that we have!
So many forms of life rely on the eco system of this unique planet.
A Native Americans saying is: "We did not inherit this world from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children."
Lets treat life in all forms, on the land and in the sea, other people and other living beings, with more respect and love, all of the days.
Lets value the air and the water that provide life for us and other animals. Ponder the footprints that we leave behind for next generations and other forms of life that need this beautiful blue planet too.