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Two Horrible Incidents in Varamin and Eshtehard

News link: Tabnak/ August 29, 2015

eshtehard shelter-fire

varamin shelter-mrs boroomand

The grave incident of loss of Mrs. Raoofi brought a deep sorrow amongst friends and family. Her tragic death was dramatized beyond imagination, since she was the victim of the same fire at Eshtehard Animal Shelter that took the lives of a large number of cats and kittens under her personal care.
We were also informed that a group of arrogant thugs had invaded the animal facility of Varamin under supervision of Mrs. Boroomand attacking her and inflicting serious wounds....
The detail cause of fire and the culprits' criminal intentions are still unknown to us. We extend our condolences to all friends and families and those who share our love for animals. We strongly believe that cruelty against animals must be dealt with the law, since people who commit such crimes are just a step away from the same outburst of injustice and cruelty against humans.