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World Animals Spay Day 2014

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Spaying and neutering are the normal terms commonly used as replacements for the medical terms Ovariohysterectomy, and Orchidectomy in female and male pets respectively. Basically, they refer to surgeries performed by veterinarians to remove the ability of producing offspring in pets.Also, these surgeries are the most effective way to control and reduce the population of feral and stray dogs and cats.Generally, there are three main categories of reasons to spay and neuter our healthy pet dogs and cats.

1 – Prevention of unplanned puppies and kittens

2 - The health aspect:In females this surgery has been effective in reducing the probability of mammary gland cancer at later stages when they get older. In males, it reduced the probability of prostatic cancer in older ages.

3 – The social aspect:Usually the dog and cat owners develop concerns about the health and well being of their pets when they interact with other pets who are not spayed or neutered (unfixed), and because of that they tend to prevent their pets from having social contact with those unfixed pets. This leaved the unfixed pets in social isolation and may affect their behaviour and even their interaction with their owners and their families.For the above said reasons, it is highly recommended that pets that are not planned to reproduce be spayed / neutered accordingly.


Low cost spay & neuter is being offered on the following dates and locations:

Tuesday Feb 25: Alborz Clinic - Tehran

Friday Feb 28: Vafa Animal Shelter - Hashtgerd

Appointment is REQUIRED ... please contact Ilia Zahabi: 0936-882-4057