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No Cruel City

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No Cruel City

117th Monthly Discourse of Art and Architecture in "Iran's Architecture Prideworthies Fundation".

In "No Cruel City" which concentrates on the "City and its Living Existents" four lecturers, including ladies "Lida Fatemeh Esna Ashari", "Mitra Towfighi" and gentlemen "Tooraj Akhbari" and "Parsa Zarrin (Architect)" will speak, a movie will be shown and a book is to be distributed to the audience.

Date and Time: Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014 - 04:00 to 07:00 pm

Location: Imam Ali Art Museum, No. 35, Esfandiar Blvd, Niayesh Crossroad, Vali-e-Asr Ave, Tehran.

The book will be distributed at 04:00 pm.

Iran's Architecture Prideworthies Fundation

A Postscript on the "No Cruel City" Conference:

The first part of the conference was held on Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014 at the amphitheatre of Imam Ali Art Museum. The number of audience was higher than the capacity of the amphitheatre so that some of the audience had to stand.


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Two of the lecturers had the chance to finish their lecture. Mrs. Mitra Towfighi was the first person who started the lectures. Then, Mr. Parsa Zarrin (Architect) from the Vafa Animal Shelter presented his lecture on a Powerpoint slide show. He also dedicated one of his poems to the massacred stray dogs in the cities.



In his lecture he mentioned "Catching Alive, Sterilizing, and Releasing" the over-populated animals, as the best and the most humantarian solution for controlling the animal population in the cities. At the end he introduced Vafa Animal Shelter and it's volunteers and also its founder; Mrs. Fatemeh Motamedi and the book of "Strolling with our kin: speaking for and respecting voiceless animals" by Marc Bekoff, which was translated by her.



The next part of the conference, which will inclued the lecture of Mrs. Lida Esna Ashari and Mr. Tooraj Akhbari, will be scheduled and anounced later by Iran's Architecture Prideworthies Fundation.