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Update on Patris
Dear old Patris was returned to the shelter, after two months at the Saadat Abad Veterinary Clinic.  During this time, he underwent a series of crucial surgeries on his legs by Dr Abedi, and was cared for by his kind staff.

For those of you who are just reading about Patris, his story was posted on our website back in May:

Dr. Abedi recommended for Patris to move back in to the shelter to be near other dogs.  He is still unable to walk, but as soon as the sores are healed, he will start physical therapy in the pool as recommended by Dr. Abedi. 

Patris is currently residing in a kennel next to another dog who was recently rescued with almost the same kind of injuries.  She was named Patricia (after Patris).  Patricia was taken to Dr Abedi. He does not yet recommend surgery until she is physically stronger. At the moment, they're both under care of Mrs E and her dedicated staff. Their kennels are constantly disinfected and cleaned to avoid infections. It is extremely hot at the shelter, so as you see, they're avoiding putting blankets/sheets under them, to keep them cool. 

Our sincere gratitude goes out to the amazing Dr. Abedi, who heals our injured dogs, no matter how bad the situation.  Patris' surgery is a perfect example of his selfless efforts towards the shelter dogs. We also would like to thank the kind staff of Saadat Abad Vet Clinic, who have taken such good care of our Patris. 

May there be a day that God's Creatures are safe from bullets and other abuse by humans...
These two pictures were taken at the clinic:
The following two pictures were taken at the shelter when Patrice returned: