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Tribute - Honoring Vafa Family

Let us start the New Year with a tribute, honoring the great Vafa family. We acknowledge friends, whose financial support has helped us in this kind movement. Honoring managers, organizers, financiers, donors, website attendants, Facebook administrator, and so many others whom with their relentless help have managed and operated this organization. Despite having families and full time jobs, they have put Vafa and its issues as a priority.


Honoring devoted volunteers who help Vafa, each is in charge of a different level of work. Someone in graphic designs, another in translation, the other report and photo preparation, foster families who take care of the puppies and sick animals, the group who sets up shows and sale bazaars and charities. Friend who prepares exit visas for dogs going overseas, and the one who carries the dogs to the check in area at the airport and sees them off. The lovely one who brushes a furry one, and helps with their cleaning and the one who buys vegetables and bread for the dogs. Honoring the two Afghan workers who tolerate being away from their home and families just so that the dog's bowl isn't empty of bread and also are in charge of cleaning their pins.

Vafa has meaning with these people and every one's role is very important and necessary. We are proud to have such friends and hope that in the New Year, with cooperation, we can reach bigger goals and make fundamental changes in animal protection.

Please, with joining the big family of Vafa, support this organization so it can further help the oppressed and hurt animals.

With unbounded thanks for all you good people.

Fatemeh Motamedi.