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Homeless Animals' Day


August 18th, 2012  is celebrated by The World Organization for Animal- Rights  as The Homeless Animals' Day.  (3rd Saturday of Month of August)

Public awareness and the urge to help all the homeless animals around the globe, is a focal point of interest on such day. And spaying/neutering animals, as the most effective way to help these helpless creatures to find a better life, has been greatly emphasized.

- Pet owners are urged to take an active part in spaying/neutering their pets, rather than using them to multiply.

- Persuade governments to spay/neuter these animals instead of their brutal inhalation.

- Raise public awareness about the merits of adoptions that actually saves two lives at a time (One of the adopted pet and one of the one replacing it in the shelter!).

Let us all do our share to resolve this problem by adopting directly from shelters rather than supporting the careless animal hoarders and salesmen. Let us help these helpless animals by considering our strength and capabilities in bringing them a happy home, and try to minimize the need for returning them to shelters with more broken hearts. Do you think you can help in anyway?