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Happy Nowruz!



Is there a more beautiful holiday season than Nowruz?

Aside from the perfect timing and traditions of it, think of its name. "Nowruz", or "the new day", can present itself in so many ways; in Nature or in new clothes and households, and even in renewal of relationships. And yet, not many people think of their relationship with themselves. In the new year, every one talks of forgiveness, but they don't mention forgiving themselves which is one of the most important steps one can take.

There is no one who has not made a mistake, and we can start to make up for it by first being kind to ourselves. This also applies to our relationship with animals. Many of us can think of times in our past when we were indifferent or even neglectful towards their pain and suffering.
May we all make up for any of our shortcomings of the past, and be prepared to give all the love and kindness that we can to every animal we encounter this year.

Happiest New Year to Everyone! 
--Vafa Animal Shelter Team