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Happy new year

Image from Mr.Tan Do from Vietnam. We appreciate his beautiful artwork and wish him a happy new year too.

Dear Friends & Supporters:
Our world is filled with a beautiful variety of animal life -- large and small, exotic and familiar, wild and domestic. It is time that each of us, regardless of religion or culture, recognize that these creatures are partners in our web of life, and when they flourish, our web of life becomes healthier and more resilient. Our ancestors’ competition for survival in the natural world’s web of life has been replaced by a competition for survival of the natural world itself.


Do-new-year-greetingThe animals that surround us reflect that world; to be kind to them is a simple and beautiful expression of our concern.Please show mercy to animals, and include them in your prayers for a better world. May our hearts be filled with joy and love, inspiring us to give animals a chance to have better lives, too.They will surely make our lives better in return.

Love & Peace,

Vafa Shelter Family