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Vafa 2017 Calendar


Your 2017 Calendar is here!

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Dear Friends,
Following the highly popular Vafa calendars in the past we are glad to announce that the 2017 calendar will soon be available. Early purchases until November 25th will be $25.00 (USD) , and after that $30.00 . There is a flat fee of $5.00 to US and Canada,  and $15.00  to other countries. 
Please keep in mind that all these calendars, bags, books, etc. are only reminders of your generosity towards needy animals. So, in beginning of another cold season, please give or spend more generously. 
By purchasing these calendars as gifts for your friends and family you will hit three targets with one stone; you will make a friend happy, you will help a sick or injured animal, and you will take action in spreading the word about our shelter.  

$30.00 + Shipping fee 

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Your Donation Will Provide:
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