Vafa Animal Shelter
Vafa, a shelter for more than 1000 homeless and old dogs



Vafa, a shelter for more than 1000 homeless and old dogs

Nowruz 2017

2017-nowruz 1396-r

Spring is here now at the shelter! Nowadays, the blue sky is friends with the green fields. The little yellow and white flowers are friends with the little butterflies. The river is friends with the roots, and the trees are friends with the birds. The young sheep are friends with the new grass, and Vafa's dogs are friends with the local sheepdogs. Rana shouts back to a passerby, "Happy Nowruz to you too!"

Vafa's puppies are taller now. They are friends with the sun, flowers, butterflies, trees, and the little river. Rana shouts a name every few minutes to stop a puppy from getting too far away.

Spring is here, fresh, warm, and we are not sure if our puppies even remember how cold the winter was, or what snow was. They definitely do not remember how they got to the shelter, or how they survived hunger, and separating from their mothers. We are sure though, that they remember you, your kind heart, your warm hand, your generosity, and your support.

They eat well. They play well. They sleep well. And it's all because of you. They survived the winter because you did not leave them along during that difficult time.

Your friendship means life to them. Happy Nowruz, and have a wonderful year ahead of you.