Vafa Animal Shelter
Vafa, a shelter for more than 1000 homeless and old dogs



Vafa, a shelter for more than 1000 homeless and old dogs

World Veterinary Day-2017


Veterinary is where being passionate for animals meets with science, and it means health and happiness for the voiceless creatures. Perhaps animals' welfare has been always a concern for human, but with veterinary science involvement the situation for animals has been completely changed for better. We don't know how many animals' lives are saved every year by veterinarians, or how many animals are prevented from all kind of illnesses because of vaccination, or how many animals are safe because they get spayed /neutered. The most important mission for veterinary medicine is to prevent animals from pain, suffering and stress.

In Iran (Persia) the oldest substantial documents reflection official and professional health care for domesticated animals goes back to around 200AD. (During the Sassanian Reign). Nowadays (or today) these professionals are one of the most important part of animals rescue in Iran, especially for stray cats and dogs, and any rescue mission seems impossible without them.

Vafa Animal Shelter has been always proud to have help and support of the best veterinary teams and doctors. On behalf of more than 1000 fury residents of Vafa (in both Hashtgerd and Qazvin location) we thank all veterinarians specially our dear and great friend Dr. Abedi and Dr. Amini, Dr. Malmasi and their beautiful team. Happy World Veterinary Day!