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The Vafa shelter is a non-government charity organization relying solely on private donations and volunteers.

To help and shelter

Founded in 2004, the Vafa Animal Shelter is the first animal shelter in Iran. We are dedicated to providing help and shelter to injured and homeless animals in Iran.

International Homeless Animals’ Day 2017

The solution is easy! The problem is clear. We will not get anywhere if we just eliminate the problem. Just like us, animals are also God's creatures on planet Earth. Based on scientific evidence and religious beliefs, they were even here before us so they are the...

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In Memory of Vikiki

When on the other side of the world a little dog crossed the rainbow bridge, on this side of the world Vafa’s puppies’ wish for their own special cozy kennel came true. The best way to celebrate a dog's life is to continue her/his legacy. This is what Hosseini Family...

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Adopted by Mansooreh & Baran, Toronto, Canada, Winter2017 "We might have to appreciate that animals can't speak our language. Only if cats and dogs living in Iran could talk, what horrifying stories full of bitterness and suffering they could share. Stories filled...

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Tilley-Formerly Known As Asal

Adopted 24 Apr 2017 by Cameron family- Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Asal one of the sweetest Vafa's dogs arrived in Pearson Airport on November 9,2016. She was welcomed by members of Friends of Vafa in Canada. Her name in Farsi means honey. She has been helped by...

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